Group Members

Annick Anctil
Associate Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering

CV (September 2020)


If you are a motivated, creative and independent student interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in an area similar to our area of interest, contact me! I’m always looking for students with strong analytical and computer skills, research experience and preferably a background in chemistry, physics, engineering or environmental science. Please review our group publications and current projects before contacting me.


Siddharth Shukla: Ph.D. Environmental Engineering “Renewable energy planning”

Seyed Mohammadreza Heidari: Ph.D. Environmental Engineering “Environmental impact of nanomaterials synthesis”

Angela Farina: Ph.D. Civil Engineering “Life cycle assessment of pavement alternatives”



  • Dipti Kamath: Ph.D. Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science and Policy Program (ESPP) “Potential for second life battery in solar applications” – 2020
  • Muriel Steele (Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Clemson) “Quantifying Sustainability in Wastewater Treatment: Examples in Algaculture” – 2016
  • Elif Can-Sener Serife (Ph.D. Policy Studies Clemson), “Understanding transition barriers to renewable energy” – 2017
  • Mary Kayla Collins (Ph.D. Environmental Engineering Clemson): “Environmental impact predictions for disposal of emerging energy technologies in solid waste landfills: application to lithium ion batteries and photovoltaics” modules” – 2018
  • Eunsang Lee (Ph.D. Environmental Engineering MSU), “Environmental impact of transparent photovoltaics” – 2018