CE371: Sustainable Civil & Environmental Engineering Systems  (Syllabus)– F16, S17, S18, F18
ENE492: Life cycle assessment of energy technologies (Syllabus) – F16
CE272: Civil & Environmental Engineering Analysis – Engineering Economics (Syllabus) – F15, S16
UGS101: Freshman Seminar: Sustainability Leadership (Syllabus) – S15 and S16
ENE 801:  Dynamics of Environmental Systems  (Syllabus)- S15, S18


EES 8200: Environmental Systems Engineering (Syllabus) – F12, S14
EES 8830: Special Topics:  Applied LifeCycle Assessment (Syllabus), S13
EES 4860,6860: Pollution Prevention and Industrial Ecology (Syllabus) F13
EES 4900: Creative Inquiry – Using Serious GAMES in Environmental Decision Making S13,F13