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I’ve joined the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at MSU as an assistant professor in August 2014 after 2 years with the department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences at Clemson University. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Sustainability from the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked as a Research Associate at Brookhaven National Laboratory (DOE-BNL) for the National Photovoltaics Environmental Research Center.

My group use proactive sustainability assessment to reduce the environmental impact of new technologies. Process based life-cycle assessment (LCA) is used to identify critical steps in current technologies and guide greener alternatives by combining theoretical environmental assessment and experimental work.

Evaluating the environmental impact of commercialized and future solar photovoltaics technologies constitutes the core of my research. While cost and efficiency are often discussed other aspects such as scarcity of resources and toxicity need to be considered to ensure that PV technologies are truly a sustainable energy source.  Because solar energy is perceived as a green technology, any harmful environmental issues arising from its manufacture, use or disposal  will be detrimental to solar energy’s long-term success.

In addition to photovoltaics, I have research projects related to battery, nanomaterials production and wastewater treatment. I am also interested in other opportunities to use my expertise in life-cycle assessment and sustainability assessment for other applications.

For more information, here is my CV. 

Prospective students – opening for Fall or Spring 2015

If you are a motivated, creative and independent student interested in pursuing a master or Ph.D. in an area similar to my area of interest, contact me! I’m always looking for students with strong analytical and computer skills, research experience and preferably a background in chemistry, physics, engineering or environmental science.  Please review our group publications and current projects before contacting me!

I have funding available for students interested on studying the environmental impact of solar energy

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